Netgear Wifi Extender Setup – A Step By Step Guide

Posted by WifiExtSetup on 07th May 2020

Setting up a Netgear range extender is easier than you think of, Are you planning to set up your Netgear Extender on your own and looking for help in order to set up, the only thing you need in order to set up is this easy to follow step by step guide.

We had discussed in detail how to set up Extender and the precautions that you must take in order to make sure that the setup process is completed smoothly and also discussed the various common Issues along with the troubleshooting Guide. Let’s Begin from the precautions that one must take in order to Setup your Range Extender.


Some Prerequisites That You Must Follow Before Beginning To Setup Your Netgear Range Extender

  • Make sure that the router and extender are in the same room. So that the Connection is strong Between both devices?
  • It’s Essential that your extender is turned on throughout the process and to ensure a proper connection between the extender and the router
  • It’s Important that the Wifi network that you are looking to extend should be in working condition. Make Sure that the network and the power source it is connected is reliable.
  • keep at least two browsers installed in your device before beginning with the Setup. So that Incase one browser doesn’t work, You got an Alternative.
  • Make Sure that your Web Browser is Up to date.

steps to follow to setup your netgear range extender


Steps To Setup Netgear Wifi Range Extender:

Now let us understand the steps that you need to follow to set up a Netgear wifi range extender on your own.

steps to setup netgear extender

  • Connect your Netgear wifi Extender to a reliable power source.
  • Turn Your Netgear Range Extender on.
  • Now you need to connect your range extender to your wifi device through which you wish to carry on the Setup. Many times we make a mistake by not Connecting our device to the Wifi Extender.
  • Launch the network manager and connect to Netgear_ext there.
  • Open a web browser of your choice now. Make sure that the web browser is up to date.
  • Go to the official myWifiext login website one of these Mywifiext.local/ in order to set up your Range Extender.
  • The next step is to Login by entering the id and password or create an account if you don’t have one.
  • Log in using your username and password. Click on the Next button now.
  • Now follow all the instructions carefully that come your way one by one and you are all set to go.
  • Finally, click on the Finish your setup in the last.

Done! Congrats, Your Netgear wifi range extender is now ready to extend your wifi’s range to all the dead points of your house.


Common Issues Found During The Setup Of Netgear Range Extender

While setting up your wifi extender, you may find some issues which can become a restriction in your work. Here are some of the most common issues faced by users while setting up Netgear range extender. Let us take a look at some of them.

  • Unable to access to
  • Unable to access mywifiext.local.
  • Poor or Improper Wifi Signal Strength. Sometimes the wifi router causes the problem as it is not able to provide us with a good wifi signal, which turns in the loss of connection.
  • Low coverage of Wifi Range Extender. The wifi range extender is there to solve the problem of wifi range’s low covering area, but an extender has its own limited area. An extender helps in extending the range covering area but up to some extent.
  • Not able to connect to the Netgear_ext network.
  • No Blinking of the LED light During the Setup. Blinking the LED light of the extender is a sign that we are going in the right direction, but no blinking indicates that you are doing something wrong.
  • Facing Issue of Extender port configuration.
  • Unable to access/login to the New Extender Setup Page of your Netgear Extender.
  • Unable to access Netgear Genie Smart Setup Page.


Way To Troubleshoot The Problems Faced During The Setup Of Netgear Range Extender.

Netgear extender troubleshooting tips

  • Try to Keep More than one browser Ready and make sure that the browser You are using is up to date.
  • Try using an ethernet cable to establish a connection with your device for a reliable Internet Connection
  • Make Sure that the Wifi you are planning to extend Is in working condition.
  • Try resetting your Web Browser by clearing Cache or to Default.
  • Try To open in your Browser.
  • Make sure that the IP address you are connected to is static. In Case if You are using a VPN disable that from your device.