Extender Buying Guide – Things To Remember Before Buying An Extender

Posted by WifiExtSetup on 19th May 2020

Facing an issue with the WiFi network coverage area at your home or office, Looking for a way to solve it, By Buying a Wifi extender. Wait do not buy an Extender until You read this extender Buying Guide.

Wifi Extender is a device that helps you to Expand your wifi coverage area by rebroadcasting the existing signals from your home router/wifi.  

8 Points To Keep In Mind While Buying an Extender – Buying Guide.Extender Buying Guide Infographic with all tips and tricks that you need to keep in mind before buying an extender.

      1. Know your dead spota phone with no wifi signal showing dead spot of location.

        Dead spots are those areas of your house, where you do not get enough wifi coverage in your house or office, the first step is to identify those dead spots as that will help you to make sure that whether or not you actually need a new wifi extender as sometimes just relocating your router can also solve the problem of your wifi coverage area.
        you can also take help of the various tools available online in order to check the 

      2. Buy From the Same Manufacturer

        Many of us think that buying the extender from the same manufacture might work best, but that is not the case, it does not depend on the manufacturer alone, you need to match the standard and frequency of your router with the extender you are planning to buy as only if you buy the device that meets with the specification of your router device then only its recommended to buy a device. Still, the same manufacturer will act as a plus point.

      3. Frequency of your Extender5 Ghz frequency recommended while buying a new extender.

        Most of the WiFi Extender devices uses 2.4 GHz frequency band that is compatible with most of our devices, and the 5 GHz band is more compatible with the things like home theater, as 2.4 GHz is supported by most of the devices that make it more crowded and effect the internet speed on another hand few devices support the 5.0 GHz, so that provides the higher speed.
        Should you buy a single band or a dual-band router comes to your choice as you will need to pay more for the dual-band but would surely be worth it.
        Make sure that the router you are using also supports the dual-band as if your router does support a single band then it would be wasteful to invest your money in the extender that supports Dual-band, We recommend to have a router and extender that both support the dual-band to insure better connection.


    1. Easy to Setup

      Make Sure than the extender you are planning to buy is easy to set up, today most of the manufacturer provides the WPS option in order to set up your device that makes the setup process easier and also provide the web-based setup wizards in order to set up your devices, such as Netgear has its website mywifiext.net using which users can set up their Netgear devices.
      Also, look for the various indicator lights on your range extender.

    2. Desktop Vs Plug-In

      There are mainly two types of extenders available in the market. One that is plug-in extenders, which can be easily plugged into any socket of your house and other are the desktop-based which look alike your router and also provide you with additional ports.

    3. Availability of PortsA white color extender with ethernet port.

      Make sure to check the ports available in your range extender. Most wall-based extenders have 1 or 2 Ethernet ports for wired connection whereas the desktop extender has 4-5 Ethernet ports that help you to connect more devices using the Ethernet cable. More ports help you to connect your various devices that lack the WiFi connections.
      Also, look for USB ports as some extenders also provide USB Ports in order to connect your printer and other devices to your extender if you need USB ports in your extender than look for it.

    4. Secure ConnectionCheck For Latest Security Version while buying range extender.

      Always make sure that the extender you are planning to buy has the latest security standard in it, such as WPA2-PSK security protocol, Which is the best security for most home user’s available in the market.
      Your extender can be attached to the devices without the need of the password using the WPS Feature available on the device, security protocols help users to protect their network from those attacks and make your network secure.

    5. PerformanceBest Performance - extender buying Help

      The performance of the extender gets influenced directly by the performance of your router. One way to Identify the performance of the extender is through range and bandwidth, but keep in mind that it just repeats the signals so you will not get performance higher than that of your router device, so make sure you invest in the right device.
      In case, if you buy an extender which has greater specification than your router then also you will not able to utilize those specifications as that are the maximum that the extender can support but at the end, it all comes down to the specification of yours router as an extender is just a medium to extend the network.


To conclude we can only say that buying an extender can be an important decision for you, but if not done properly can result in various problems and issue, so to avoid the issues that most of the user’s face you must keep the above points in mind discussed in this extender buying guide. and look for the extender device that is completely compatible with your router and is easy to set up you can also visit our Netgear Extender Setup Guide for Help.

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Never fall in the trap of design versus performance, even if you are at a tight budget, never choose the design over the performance of your device. We also provide online support to various extender and router problems to get in touch with our experts call us on our toll-free number +1-888-245-4797.

Faq - Extender Buying Guide

It's surely add as a plus point, but most importantly make sure that it’s compatible with your router device check the standard and frequency for that if still face an issue call our experts at our toll-free number +1-888-245-4797
Dual brand Extenders are more recommended as most single band Extenders support 2.4GHz frequency. But it’s only worth investing in Dual Band if your router supports it.
Dual-Band Extenders are more Expensive than single-band extenders.
The latest security protocol available for most of the home extenders on the market is WPA2-PSK security protocol.
Deadshot is that area in your house where the range of your router does not reach.