Definitive Guide on Netgear Wi-Fi range extender EX6120 AC1200 | Setup | Reset | Firmware Update

Posted by WifiExtSetup on 17th February 2021

In this definitive guide about EX6120 Range extender you will learn everything about the netgear wifi range extender from setting up EX6120 range extender using multiple ways from the ethernet cable, WPS Method, Netgear Installation Assistant, log in to the mywifiext genie wizard, updating firmware and factory resetting the device if anything went wrong.

You know what? You can do Netgear Wifi Range Extender ex6120 setup on your own by just following the simple steps given in the following guide. Make sure to read the whole article so you don’t miss any single step while setting up your ex6120 extender.

Netgear EX6120 or AC1200 Wifi Range Extender is one of the most popular and effective products provided by Netgear. This range extender comes with two external antennas to increase its range to a wider area. EX6120 also includes an ethernet port to connect it directly with the router by using an ethernet cable. AC1200 range extender can extend 2.4 and 5GHz upto 1200 mbps. So this was all about the netgear ex6120 range extender, Now let’s get on to our main topic.  

Here is the LED light description for the netgear EX6120/AC1200 range extender device, there are mainly four LED Lights on the range extender the first one is the power LED light, Router Link, Client Link, Power and WPS.

EX6120 AC1200 Overview LED Lights

EX6120 AC1200 Overview

  • Solid green indicates  the Best connection.
  • Solid amber indicates the Good connection.
  • Solid red indicates the Poor connection.
  • Off indicates No connection.

Review of EX6150 Range Extender 

Netgear EX6150/AC1200 is built to cover the dead spots in your house, though this range extender supports new 802.11ac protocol and is dual band supported one is 5ghz and other is 2.4 ghz.

It’s a budget Extender device and do not expect the blazing transfer speed but performed decently in our test. Incase If you are confused Which extender to buy here is a Complete Extender Buying Guide

So without wasting let’s discuss first the physical setup which is essential in order to do anything with the range extender device.

Physical Setup Netgear EX6120

  • The first thing that you will need to do is take the netgear range extender out of the box and connect the antennas.
  • Place your extender half way of the router and if possible keep the router and extender in the same room,
  • Now connect your extender in the electric power socketpluged EX6120 into Wall
  • Turn your EX6120 range extender on by pressing the power button, which can be easily located at the sidePower on EX6120 Extender
  • Now in case you  are using the wired device connect the extender using the cable
  • You are all set to go

Setup Your Netgear Range Extender EX6120 In Extender Mode

EX6120 setup in extender modeThere are various ways through which you can setup your netgear range extender device such as using the Website, WPS method or using nighthawk application and also you can setup the device as an access point.

Setup EX6120 Range Extender using

  • Go to your Preferred Web browser and visit
    Note:- This is a local URL only available for the netgear customers
  • A web page will appear in front of you.
  • Click on the new extender setup92.168.1.250 on mobile device.
  • Create your account on the website, in order to set up your extender for the first time.create new account mobile netgear genie
  • Now you will be asked whether you want to setup as an extender or Access pointsetup AC1200 as an Extender using mobile
  • Click on the setup as an Extender.
  • Now it would scan for the available network.
  • Select on the network you wish to extendchoose network for AC1200
  • Choose the desired password for your EX6120 Extender Network.Extended AC1200 password setting
  • Follow all the instructions come on the way
  • Now enjoy the extender and connect all your devices to the extended network.connect device to EX6120 netgear_ext

Setup AC1200/EX6120 using

  • The very first step is to plug your Netgear extender into a power socketpluged EX6120 into Wall
  • Now you have to make sure that the Netgear extender and the router are not too far from each other or should be present in the same room
  • Now open a device and access in that deviceenter in browser URL
  • You need to login into or if you are not able to log in, try to make a new account for yourself there.netgear genie account Setup
  • Once you have successfully logged into, your device will show you some wifi networks available in that particular area
  • Now you need to choose your wifi network which you want to extend using the Netgear extenderChoose available Networks
  • After choosing the network, you need to click on the Finish Button to Finish your set up process
  • Congrats, you have successfully set up your Netgear wifi range extender ex6120connect devices to EX6120

Setup EX6120/AC1200 using mywifiext.local

  • Go to the mywifiext.local on the preferred browser on your apple device.logo of web browsers such as chrome, safari, edge, opera
  • Netgear genie smart wizard appears in front of you.
  • Click on the new Extender setup button on the screen.New Extender setup EX6120 mywifiext.local
  • Create an account by filling all the essential information on the screen and click on the next Button.netgear genie account Setup mywifiext.local
  • Now it would ask would you like to setup your extender as an range extender or as an access point.
  • Click on the setup as an extender and click on the nextSetup EX6120 as an Extender
  • Now it would scan for all the available networks.Choose available Networks
  • Click on the preferred network that you want to extend range.
  • Choose the new password or use an existing whichever is suitable.password for EX6120
  • Click on the finish button.
  • Connect your devices and enjoy the extended range.connect devices to EX6120

Setup EX6120/AC1200 using WPS Method

  • First of all, bring your Netgear Extender to the same room in which the router is installed.
  • Now Plug your extender into the wall socket so it gets the proper power supply
  • Press the WPS button on the Netgear Extender and the router.WPS Setup EX6120
  • The LED light on the extender will confirm that the router and extender are connected.WPS LED Light 6120
  • Now open any web browser and visit mywifiext.local/
  • Try to Log in there and if you’re not able to log in there, create a new account for yourself.
  • After logging in, you will see some Wi-Fi networks available at that area
  • Choose your Wi-Fi network which you want to extend by using the extender
  • Now click on the Finish Button
  • Yeah! You have successfully extended your Wi-Fi network using mywifiext.local

Common Issue Faced During EX6120 WPS Setup

  • Unable to connect to
  • Website shows an error that is unable to connect to the range extender.
  • Forget the login credential or password of your range extender.
  • Internet connected but now working.
    Internet Speed is too low.
  • Extender is unable to boot up.

Troubleshoot Tips For WPS Setup

  • Try resetting your Web Browser setting to the default setting.
  • Try Using the different Browser if resetting does not solve the issue.
  • Make sure you are using the right extension. Try using different extensions such as mywifiext.local or or
  • Try Rebooting your Netgear range extender.
  • Try to factory reset the range extender and setup your range extender again.
  • Make Sure you are using an Static IP Address.
  • Make sure you are not using VPN.
    Here are more ways to Expand your Wifi Range with some tips and tricks

Setup Your Netgear EX6120 using Ethernet cable

  • Plug your Netgear extender into a power socket.
  • Make sure that your extender and router are present in the same room.
  • Now bring an Ethernet cable and put that cable into the extender from one end and into the router from the other end.Connect router and extender with Ethernet cable
  • Now you need to access from your browser.enter in browser URL
  • Log in there or create a new account if you don’t have one.netgear genie account Setup
  • Now your device will show you the available wifi networks in the room.Choose available Networks
  • Choose the wifi network which you want to extend from the given options.
  • The final step is to click on the Finish Button.
  • Congrats, now your Netgear Wifi Range Extender is extending the wifi network.connect devices to EX6120

Common Issue Faced Setup Using Ethernet Cable

  • Unable to access to the mywifiext official website,
  • Ethernet Cable connected but shows no Internet
  • Website shows an error
  • LED Lights stop working
  • Extender power LED Light is not turning on
  • Unable to detect for the available wifi Networks.
  • Need to update the firmware Version of the extender

Troubleshoot Tips Setup Using Ethernet Cable

  • Try Changing the web browser that you are using for the extender setup.
  • If you had already tried changing the Browser try resetting the web browser.
  • Make sure that the Ethernet cable you are using is not worn out.
  • Make sure you have the latest firmware version installed in your Extender.
  • Try to Factory reset your ex6120 Range extender and then setup it again.

Setup EX6120 Wifi Range Extender Using Nighthawk application.

Setting up your netgear range extender Ex6120 using the netgear nighthawk application is easier than you have thought of:-

  • Download the application from your Play store or from the apple app store.
  • Open the Netgear Nighthawk Application.
  • Login using the existing account or create a new one if you don’t have the one.
  • You can always login using the username and password and make necessary changes.
  • Click on the home icon upper left corner of the screen.
  • Click on the New setup option from the given options.
  • Now select the range extender button.
  • Select Next
  • Make sure that your netgear range extender is turned On
  • The Application will seek your permission in order to join the network
  • Click Join and allow the application to join the network.
  • In case, if the application is unable to connect to the network try Connecting it manually by going in the setting.
  • Follow all the instructions that appears on the screen
  • Connect your devices to the extended network

Common Issue Faced During Setup Using Nighthawk Application

  • Unable to connect to extender network
  • Unable to login into the nighthawk application
  • Extender is not supported to the nighthawk application
  • Application unable to connect to the network automatically
  • Extender stop working
  • Unable to change password using the nighthawk application
  • Application says permission not granted

Troubleshoot Tips For Setup Using Nighthawk Application

  • Try reinstalling the netgear nighthawk application.
  • Make sure your extender is up and running.
  • Make sure that your model is supported by the nighthawk application
  • Make sure you had allowed all the necessary permission to the application
  • Try To connect manually by going into the settings.
  • Make Sure you are not using the VPN on your mobile device, disable it if active.
  • Try Installing by placing it in the same room.

Setup EX6120 as an access point using

  • Pick your Android smartphone or tablet.EX6120 setup as an access point using smartphone
  • Connect your extender using the Ethernet cable in order to setup as an access point.
  • Open your preferred browser such as chrome, Opera mini.logo of web browsers such as chrome, safari, edge, opera
  • Go to the
  • A page will appear in front of you
  • Click on the new extender setup button92.168.1.250 Ex6120 access point setup.
  • Create your own account in order to set up as an access point
    create new account mobile netgear genie

    EX6120 Access point setup

  • Click on the next button once all the necessary detail is filled out.
  • Now click on the access point in order to set up as an access pointsetup AC1200 as an Access point using mobile
  • A screen appears where you can choose the desired security option and username for the access point.
  • Click on the next and it would take a few minutes to apply those settings, be patient.
  • Connect your device to the access point of your AC1200 range extender and click on the finish and enjoy the extender range.
  • Now Place your Range extender at the desired location in  your house.

Setup as an access point using mywifiext.local

  • Make sure that the apple device you are going to use as an active internet connection.
  • Now open your preferred web browser such as safari or chrome.logo of web browsers such as chrome, safari, edge, opera
  • Go to the mywifiext.local website that is special for apple devices.
  • A web page appears in front of you and now click on the new extender button.Netgear EX6120 Extender setup
  • Now create an account by filling all the necessary details.netgear genie account Setup
  • Click next and then click on the setup as an access point.
  • Choose the security and your preferred username.SSID for Access point AC1200
  • Connect your devices and enjoy the network.

Setup as an access point using

  • Get your Window Device ready up and running.
  • Open the web browser you use such as Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome, Opera mini.logo of web browsers such as chrome, safari, edge, opera
  • Go to the address bar and enter Mywifiext.netenter in browser URL
  • Website will open and click on the new extender setup button on the screen. Incase shows an error, Try the troubleshooting tips.
  • Create an new account by filling all the necessary information and then Choose the setup as an Access point.netgear genie account Setup
  • Set the preferred username and the password if you wish or even you can also use the same existing password for the access point.SSID for Access point AC1200
  • Now you will be asked to join a device to the extender and all you will need to do is join your device to the extender network and enjoy the extended network.

Common Issue Faced During Setup as an access point  EX6120

  • Unable to setup as an access point
  • Unable to choose the network from the list.
  • Extender Setup but internet speed is very low.
  • Extender connected but shows no internet.
  • Unable to choose a new password for access point.
  • Extender LED Lights keep Blinking.
  • Unable to access to mywifiext website.

Troubleshoot Tips For Access point setup Ex6120

  • Try Using an different extension such as or mywifiext.local
  • Try Resetting your web browser.
  • Make sure that the Ethernet cable you are using is not damaged.
  • Try Changing your web browser.
  • Try Reconnecting to the network.
  • Make sure that the extender is working or try factory resetting it.

Update Firmware Of EX6120 Range Extender

Firmware is the software program that helps the hardware to run smoothly and efficiently, sometimes the extender device might not work well because of the outdated firmware. There are two ways through which you can update your EX6120 Extender firmware.

Firmware update Of Extender EX6120 Using mywifiext website

  • Open the preferred web browser, any you like the most such as Edge, Chrome, safari etc.logo of web browsers such as chrome, safari, edge, opera
  • Webpage Appears, login using the username and password.mywifiext login
  • Once you enter the login detail you will reach the netgear genie smart wizard.
  • Go to the Firmware update option.AC1200 Firmware update
  • Click on the detect latest firmware and it would let you know if the update is available for the extender firmware.EX6120 Firmware update version detected
  • Click yes and it would start to download the firmware.Firmware update AC1200 downloading
  • Once the firmware update process is completed you will be disconnected from the network and the extender will restart.
  • Wait for a few minutes till the extender is booted up. And the extender is successfully booted up.


Netgear Range Extender Firmware update Using Netgear Support Website

  • Open your preferred browser on your preferred device.logo of web browsers such as chrome, safari, edge, opera
  • Enter in your address Bar.visit netgear support website
  • Enter the model number or product name you wish to download firmware EX6120 model for firmware
  • Click on the download buttondownload firmware on netgear support
  • Choose the firmware version you wish to update and click downloadChoose firmware version for EX6120
  • A zip file will be downloaded to your PC.
  • Now Extract the file
  • Go to the if on window device and incase using an apple device click on the mywifiext.localenter in browser URL
  • Login Into the netgear Genie wizard.mywifiext login
  • Go to the firmware and upload the file over there.uploading AC1200 Firmware update file
  • The extender would boot up once the process is completed and you are all set to go, wait for a few minutes and you are done.

Common Issue Faced During EX6120 Firmware Update

  • Unable to access the mywifiext website 
  • Unable to find the Extender model on the Netgear website
  • Firmware updated but extender stop working
  • Slow internet speed after update
  • Device not getting started after the firmware update
  • LED Light continues to blink after the update.

Troubleshoot Tips For Netgear AC1200/ EX6120 During Firmware Update

  • Try changing the extension use or mywifiext.local 
  • Try resetting or changing the web browser you are using.
  • Try factory resetting your range extender and setup your range extender again.
  • Make sure the firmware update process is fully completed.
  • Try Changing the router channels to get best speed.

Factory Reset Your EX6120 Range Extender.

  • Locate the factory reset button on your Netgear Range Extender Device.Factory reset button on EX6120
  • Take a paper clip.
  • Press the reset button for around 10 Second.factory reset AC1200 EX6120
  • The extender Power LED light will start to blink.Rebooting EX6120 Extender.
  • The Extender will boot up again.
  • Now your Extender is restored to factory Setting.
  • In order to use the range Extender you will need To setup the range extender again. Here is our Simple guide to setup Netgear Range Extender In an easy and most efficient way.

Common Issue Faced During the AC1200 Factory Reset.

  • Unable to locate the factory reset button.
  • Pressed the button for long time for nothing happens.
  • Extender stop working after resetting to the factory.
  • LED light stop blinking.
  • Unable to connect using the WPS.

Troubleshoot Tips For Factory Reset

  • Try Setting up the Range extender again.
  • Make Sure to update the Firmware to the latest version.
  • Try Factory resetting the Device again.
  • If nothing worked for you and you tried everything possible you can think of get in touch with one of our experts.

Login Into Mywifiext

  • Open Your favorite web browser.logo of web browsers such as chrome, safari, edge, opera
  • Go to or mywifiext.local or if you are using an android device.enter in browser URL
  • A web page will appear in front of you now login using the username and password that you set during the initial setup process.
    Note:- The default password for the extender is “password” and username is “admin”.mywifiext login
  • Now you are logged into the netgear genie smart wizard.AC1200 Firmware update
  • Now you can do a variety of things such as password change, Firmware update and a lot of other stuff.

Common Issue Faced While Login Into Mywifiext Website

  • Unable to Access the mywifiext genie wizard.
  • Shows error “Extender is not connected”
  • Forget the username and password

    Troubleshoot Tips For Login Into Mywifiext Website

  • Try Using any other browser or resetting the one you are using to factory default
  • Try using the Default username and password
  • Reboot your EX6120/AC1200 Range extender device.
  • Make sure you are using the latest firmware version.
  • Try Changing the netgear range extender password.

FAQ’s Related To EX6120 Range Extender

How to setup EX6120 using the Netgear Installation Assistant?

Setting up your netgear EX6120 Range extender using the netgear Installation Assistant all you will need to do is visit the mywifiext website and click on the extender setup and follow all the steps that come in the way and you are all set to go.


Facing an error “You are not connected to Your netgear range extender” What to do?

Incase if you are facing an error stating you are not connected to your netgear range extender device, then you must try changing your web browser and make sure that the device is up and running.


Unable to access mywifiext site what to do?

In case if you are unable to access the mywifiext website then try changing the extension visit or mywifiext.local on apple device or on your android device.


Netgear EX6120 AC1200 Range extender installed still facing low coverage issues, what to do?

There are changes that even when you install the range extender stills faces an error like low coverage areas. There are various ways to solve it and the easy is try restarting your range extender.


Forget the default login credentials for EX6120 AC1200 Range extender?

Do Not know the default password for your netgear range extender device. Here is a tip for you the default username is admin and the default password is Password.


Can i Setup my EX6120/ AC1200 Range extender using ethernet Cable?

Yes, sure you can set up your netgear AC1200 range extender using the ethernet cable as the extender supports it.


Facing an error while setting up an EX6120 device?

Many times users face error while setting up, try factory resetting your range extender.


Unable to detect for the available Wifi Networks?

In case you are unable to detect the wifi network that you wish to extend, make sure that the extender and the router are in the same room during the setup process.


Unable to access the netgear Installation Assistant Website?

Facing an issue with netgear installation Assistant, unable to access the  mywifiext smart wizard website, try resetting your browser or changing it.


Can I set up my EX6120/AC1200 using the nighthawk application?

Yes you can setup your netgear EX6120/AC1200 Range extender device using the nighthawk application easily as this extender model actually supports it.


What if the nighthawk application is unable to recognize my Extender device automatically?

 In case the nighthawk application is unable to recognize your extender device, go to the home icon and then go to the setup option and choose your extender.


Unable to Connect to the extender network automatically?

Many times the nighthawk application is unable to connect to the network automatically as there are many permissions that need to be given and due to privacy issues, phones do not allow them to use certain features.


Unable to login into the nighthawk application?

Forget your default password or try creating an account or you can use your netgear account. The default password is password and the admin as a username, and you are ready to do it. I hope this solves the problem.


What are the list of models that support nighthawk application?

Here is the list of all the models that are compatible with the nighthawk application.
AX1800 WiFi Mesh Extender (EAX20) – Netgear
Netgear Nighthawk AX8 (EAX80)
Nighthawk EX8000 – AC3000 Tri-band WiFi Mesh Extender
Nighthawk EX7700 – AC2200 Tri-band WiFi Mesh Extender
EX7320 | Nighthawk WiFi Range Extender
AX6000 Dual-Band Wireless Signal Booster & Repeater
Nighthawk X4 AC2200 WiFi Range Extender (EX7300)
EX6200 | AC1200 WiFi Range Extender
EX6400v2 | AC1900 WiFi Range Extender
Netgear EX6420 WiFi Mesh Extender Essentials Edition
EX6410 | AC1900 WiFi Range Extender
EX6250 | AC1750 WiFi Range Extender
EX6100 | AC1200 WiFi Range Extender


Can i Setup my EX6120/AC1200 Range extender as an access point?

Yes, you can setup your EX6120 as an range extender easily with the help of the mywifiext website of using the nighthawk application.


What if I am not able to acces the mywifiext Website?

Try the troubleshooting tips such as changing browser or using an static IP Address.


Unable to Select the Access point option?

This can occur and to resolve it you must make sure you are using an ethernet cable for the connection.


Facing An slow speed issue after setting up as an access point?

Try resetting your AC1200 Range extender to the factory default and setting up again.


How can I check if the firmware update is available for the EX6120 Model?

You can easily check for the firmware update by logging into the mywifiext genie wizard and look for the firmware option.


How to update firmware of EX6120 range extender device?

There are two ways you can do the same, the first is using the and second is using the mywifiext Genie Smart Wizard.


What to do if the firmware update is not done properly? 

In case if the firmware update is not complete properly then you might face errors or in some cases extender does not even turn on, In that case you need to factory reset your device and repeat all the setup and update process again without any interruption.


Do I need to Setup My Extender again after factory Resetting?

Yes, you will need to set up your netgear range extender again after setting up your netgear range extender device.


My Extender stopped working properly After The factory reset?

In case if the extender stops working or not working properly make sure that the firmware is up to date. 


Can I do factory reset multiple times?

Yes, you can factory reset your EX6120 range extender multiple times, but this practice is not recommended.


What is the default username and password for the extender setup?

The default username and password for the netgear range extender is “admin” and “password” respectively.


What to do if the mywifiext site shows error?

Try the troubleshooting tips such as changing the web browser, rebooting the Ex6120 range extender.


What are things that can be done after logging into the range extender?

There are a variety of things that can be done using the mywifiext site apart from setting up devices such as password change, firmware update and alot of other stuff.