What is Netgear Extender Default Password | How to change It?

Posted by WifiExtSetup on 02th June 2020

In this blog post, you will learn, What is Netgear Extender default password set by the Netgear company by default in your range extender device as well as why it is important to change the default password along with a simple way to change default Netgear password ensuring the security of your network and personal data.

What is Netgear Extender Default Password?Netgear Extender Default Password, two white color netgear Extender Displayed

Every Netgear Extender comes with the default Netgear password and username, but most of the first time buyers are unaware of this fact and face problem while setting up their Netgear range extender, as in order to set up your range extender one must log in into the Netgear smart wizard using the default the Netgear password. 

Are you among the many who is facing the same problem do not worry, we are there to help you out of this problem, In this blog post you will also learn, why there is need to change your default password and how you can do the same in the most effective ways, ensuring the security of your Networking devices?

The Netgear extender default password is password and username is admin, one must keep in mind that both username and password in a case sensitive, and one need to enter these Netgear extender default login credentials in order to enter into the Netgear genie setup wizard on mywifiext website.


Why Should One Change the Netgear Extender default password?A lady in yellow color suit thinking with laptop in hand, Should I Change Netgear Default Password

Netgear Build millions of devices every year and that all comes with the default Netgear Password and username, That simply means that the default password you are using is known by millions of users, this is the main reason why the default password is not secure.

Many users think that it is necessary to change the default password, or they can let it be the way it is, and the answer to this question is quite straightforward, that it is strongly recommended that one should change their Netgear extender default login password in order to keep them self secure as this can lead the user to the serious network thread issue.

You might not even know that random users will access your extender network without your permission by just guessing the default Netgear extender password, they can also access your personal data through your wifi connected devices.

If Someone successfully guesses your password and gets entry into your wifi, they can even change any setting in your router and can even block you from your own network, without even getting noticed by you.

So, to conclude we can say that changing your Netgear extender default password completely makes sense and is worth your time, you can do the same by assessing the Netgear genie smart wizard by going to the mywifiext website.

It is not rocket science but is relatively simpler than you think. All you need do is follow the right procedure in order to change your default Netgear password, In case if you still face any problem, you can always get in touch with our Extender Experts.


How To Change Netgear Extender Default Password?A Girl in Red color suit asks, how can I change My Netgear Default Password.

Hope by now you had understood the fact that how important it is for you to change your default username and password of your password, Now you might be thinking, how to change Netgear extender password, don’t worry it’s easier than you think to change your extender password and we had got you covered all you need to is follow these easy steps in order to change the password of your Netgear extender using any device such as window, Mac Os and even android.

Note:- If you had already changed the password in the past or forgotten the password you set, you can factory reset your range extender through this easy to follow guide.

  1. Firstly you need to make sure that the device you are using throughout this process, is connected to your extender network, In order to change your default password.A Laptop showing connect to your extender network.


  1. Secondly you need to open your web browser on your laptop or any other device. Make sure to have 2 browsers ready incase if face’s an issue or try resetting your browser. Chrome is recommended.
  2. Third step is you need to visit the mywifiext setup website.

Note:- In case if you are using a window device you should visit mywifiext.net, or visit Netgear support on another hands if you are using a Mac OS/ Apple Device you should visit mywifiext.local in order to change default Netgear password your device and if you are using an android device you must visit on your web browser.  

  1. Fourth step is log in using the default username and password which is admin as username and password as a password and clicks Login.Step Four for Changing netgear Extender Password, A laptop with netgear smart wizard open asking for login credentials

Note:- The username and password are case sensitive.

  1. Once you are logged into the Netgear genie smart setup wizard, go to the admin panel option out there and click on it further click on maintenance option.
  2. Sixth step is you need to find an option with a set new password out of various options provided.
  3. In step seven a dialog box will appear in front of you, where you need to enter your old password, in order to change your existing username and passwordEnter Old password on netgear genie Wizard.
  4.  Eighth step is that finally Enter your new SSID and Password that you wish to setup
  5. Lastly click on the Apply button in order to save settings.

Congrats, you had successfully changed your Netgear extender default password, Still, you face any kind of problem or error such as showing “connect to network” or “

“Extender not connected” try some troubleshooting methods or you can also get in touch with your Netgear experts by just dialing a toll-free number +1-888-245-4797.

Common Issue Faced During Changing Netgear Range Extender Password change Process

Not all users change their password successfully in the first attempt, they ran into some kind problem while doing so, here are some most common issues given below faced by most of our users, 

  • Unable to Login into Netgear Genie smart Wizard
  • Shows error when entering login credentials
  • Page Shows Extender not connected
  • Unable to access mywifiext website

In Case, If you are also facing any of these errors, do not worry, you are not alone and we have got you covered.

Ways to Troubleshoot Common Issues Faced During Changing Default Password.

Here are a few troubleshooting tips and tricks that can help you to troubleshoot these commonly faced Issues, just give them a try.

  • Check and make sure that the Extender you are using has an active internet connection
  • Always keep more than one browser ready and try changing your browser.
  • Try Resetting/formatting your web browser. 
  • Make sure that your VPN is not active and try a static IP Address instead.
  •  Connect Using an Ethernet Cable

I hope that the issue you were facing is resolved by now, In case if you are still facing any kind of issue, get in touch with us through our toll-free number +1 888-245-4797.

How We Can Help youA girl Asking, How can we help you with extender.

In case if you run into any kind of problem or any issue arising during the process of changing your Netgear Wifi extender default SSID Login and password, do not worry we hold your back on, you can always connect our experts and certified technicians that can help you around the clock and get all your queries and problems solved in no time.

We ensure 100% privacy and security of your personal data and use the best methods possible so that you can focus on things that matter the most to you. 

You can get in touch with our team through various ways that are most suitable for you, such as call, Email, Live Chat, so that you can sit back and relax and leave everything on us.

FAQ’s Related Extender Username and Password.

Netgear Extender Default Password is password and Username is Admin.
Yes, It is easy to change the default password and you can do so, through our Step by step blog.
You can change Netgear Extender Password through Mywifiext Website.
Using Default Login and password is not recommended as the password is known by millions of users and can also lead to security threats such as loss of personal information and data.
You Can Contact us Through calling out Toll-Free Number +1-888-245-4797 or through Live Chat on Website, as well as through EMail.