How to Extend WiFi Range in the Home/Office In 2020

Posted by WifiExtSetup on 09th June 2020

Some researches show that on average an American adult spends 24 hours online every week. Weak or no internet can lead to frustration. Now you might be thinking about how to extend the WiFi range.

Are you facing any issue with your current WiFi Network/router? Looking for ways to boost WiFi signal strength to the area where the WiFi signals strength is weak.

Do not worry, you are not alone, many of our readers ask the same questions such as how to extend the WiFi range, how can I extend WiFi range outdoors, in-home/office.

In this blog post, you will learn all the necessary tips you will need to know in order to extend your WiFi coverage area. It helps you to bring your dead zones into life again.

In reality, the best WiFi booster techniques are the ones that are most basic. Don’t worry you will not need to spend a lot in order to boost your WiFi coverage, most of the techniques don’t cost even a dime.

Why Would Anyone Need to extend WiFi Range? Need to extend wifi range outdoors

Now you might be thinking, why do I even need to boost the WiFi network. There are several reasons why one needs to extend the WiFi range in order to get rid of weak signals when you need your WiFi the most.

The Number one reason why you need to extend the WiFi coverage area is the poor planning done in the past at the time of installing your router/ Networking device. Poor planning leads to poor coverage areas that can impact users in a negative way.

Another reason can be the rise of the new requirements, for example, a new area has been covered up by your employees, besides trying your level best in order to cover the WiFi network optimally. you still are facing issues with the WiFi coverage area, which leads you to look at ways in order to boost your current network.

You might be facing issues with the weak signal or even no signal in your home, garden, or office space that makes you frustrated, or there are chances that many people are using your network free of cost without even letting you known, You are consistently looking for ways how you can solve these issue.

Different Ways to Extend WiFi Range For Free

Looking for ways that can help you with extending your WiFi range. So that you can get rid of various issues, that you might be facing because of the weak WiFi signals that too without spending a single penny in extras.

There are various options available, here are our top picks.

Reposition Your Router

Simply repositioning your router can have a great impact on the coverage area of your network. There are a variety of reasons, why can this simple thing help you.

You must always thrive for the central location in order to place your range extender so that you can cover the maximum area. Also make sure that the router you are using is free from any kind of physical obstructions such as walls, doors.

Also, try to keep your device as high as possible in order to get the maximum signal strength. Make sure that the router is close to the devices where it is needed the most.

Although this tip is not totally feasible in many cases but still helps a lot. Even a single meter can have a great impact.

Router firmware Should be UpdatesUpdate router firmware in order to boost wifi and ensure better performace,

In order to bring the best out of your router, make sure that the router is up to date. Router manufactures are consistently roll out updates to fix various issues as well as make improvements in the existing ones.

You can also set your router on auto-update in case it supports that function or manually update the router firmware. You can take help of your router support or can also call our experts that can help you in order to update your router firmware at toll-free number +1-888-245-4797

Analyze Your WiFi Network

Many times the different WiFi networks overlap with each other. Make sure that this is not the case with your network, you can do the same using the apps such as Netgear genie, net spot.

You might be competing with the same channel as that of your neighbor WiFi router. Simply changing the WiFi channel can have a great impact on the performance of your WiFi network.

Do you remember as a kid, we used to play with the walkie-talkies and in order to hear from the other side we need to be on the same channel, sometimes if our channel matches with the other kid channel we can still hear their conversation even if they have entirely separate set. The same is the case with our router network.

Try Switching Router Frequencychoose 5ghz over 2.4Ghz frequency.

Mainly there are two frequencies that the router uses 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz. If your router supports dual-frequency, you can choose from the 2.4GHz or 5.0GHz.

We Recommend you switching to 5.0GHz frequency as that incur less interface from other devices because most devices use 2.4GHz and that leads to improved WiFi coverage area as well as better performance.

Check For the Device Connected to your WiFi Network

Many times some unwanted guests come to your network and slow it down, without even letting you known, so make sure to check the number of devices connected to your network. You can do so by login into the network dashboard or though various apps available.

Consider blocking the unwanted guest or you can also change your WiFi password.

Enable The Mac Filter

Are you feeling frustrated by blocking various devices, that are accessing your network without your permission, looking for another way? Do not worry you can solve this by enabling a Mac Filter on your network.

Mac Filter allows you to add various devices mac address that you want to access your network, and if any other device tries to access your network they will be not able to do so even if they managed to get your WiFi password.

How to extend the WiFi range with another router, extender, and equipment.

If you had tried all the free methods available, but still facing an issue. Then it might be time to get some extra equipment in order to extend your WiFi coverage area. There are various ways you can do the same but here are some best ways that might help you.

Use Another Router

Do you have a spare router, if so you can use that router as a repeater to reach the areas where current WiFi signals don’t reach? There can be chances that you might need to connect both devices through Ethernet cable or perform an installation in order to use your router as a repeater. 

You will not need to pay any extra monthly fees as all you are doing is repeating the existing signal.

Setup a Wireless Range Extender/Booster/RepeaterA white color N300 wifi extender for extending wifi range.

Many time times you get confused with the different term but these all mean the same. An Extender is a device that helps you to extend your WiFi range by repeating the existing router signals.

Wireless Extender comes into place when you want to cover the area that is beyond the reach of your router. Wireless extenders cost you less than the actual router.

Make sure that the extender is set up at the right place while setting up your range extender to make sure that it’s within the reach of the main router point and also near to the dead spot where you want to extend your WiFi coverage area.

Also if you are considering buying an extender make sure to read our extender buying guide, before doing so.

Try Using a Mesh NetworkMesh Network connected with nodes through client devices.

Wireless Extender can decrease your bandwidth by half that of your primary router device. Moreover, they also require a separate administration, forcing you to have two SIDS’s. If you are looking for seamless connectivity throughout your home/Office it’s worth switching to a mesh-based WiFi system.

Mesh-based WiFi system is designed to cover each and every corner of your house.  They are built not to extend your router but to replace it. You’ll need to connect one node directly into your modem. You can simply install the mesh-based WiFi with the help of the application.

Mesh-based WiFi can cover a much as 1000 square feet of area. They offer performance better than most of the extender but that too comes at a cost. Most of them can even update your router firmware automatically that ensure the best performance and security of your network.

The only thing that stops most people from installing mesh-based WiFi is the cost, especially if you have large areas to cover. but if the cost is not the deciding factor than they are worth giving a try.

WiFi Access Point

WiFi Access pints help you to extend your WiFi coverage area toward the new areas of your home. These devices are almost identical in nature with your wireless repeaters but the only and main difference is that they require a hardwired connection with your router.

A WiFi access point provides you with better WiFi performance but that does make it a perfect fit. Because in order to make it work you need to have an Ethernet port plugged into the wall in order to make it work. You can do so by using a WiFi power line adapter.

Best Apps that can help you in order to Extend Your WiFi range

Here is our pick for some of the best applications available out there, that can help you to improve your WiFi performance.


Netspot has both professional features as well as a simple user interface. Even if you are a casual computer users this application can help you to optimize your wifi network. This application is available for Mac as well as Windows laptops.

Netgear genie Application

Netgear Genie is an application developed by Netgear. This application is available for all users and one can easily manage their home network using this application.

The application provides an easy to use graphical interface that makes it easy for all people to manage their wifi network. Even if they are not the tech-savvy type of person.

The Netgear genie application is available for android as well as the Apple IOS Mobile application.

WiFi Analyzer

Wifi Analyzer is a popular android application that helps you to discover wifi networks in your areas and also helps you in picking the least cluttered wifi channel. The application is supported by Android 6.0 and up. This application comes to our top list as, who doesn’t love to have a wifi booster app in their pockets.

How can we help You with how to Extend WiFi range.Router support for internet not working.

Still, in doubt, Need Expert advice, consider getting in touch with our experts. We are always ready and willing to help you out to solve your problem. You can get in touch by calling on our toll-free number +1-888-245-4797, or through live chat as well as email.

We understand the importance of your internet as well as your privacy, we make sure that the methods we use are 100% right for you and make sure that you don’t face any such issue in the future. Leave all your headache on our experts so that you can do what you are best at your work.


You can determine this when you get slow internet or find dead-spots withing the space you are using your internet connection.
You can do the same by repositioning your extender, Changing wifi Channel, Applying Mac Filtration.
Yes, they do work but have there own cons such as reduced bandwidth.
Yes, Mesh network provides a good coverage area, even in the area to be covered is large.
Most people do not go with the Mesh-Based Wifi Network, because they are expensive.
There are variety of ways through which an application can help you to extend your wifi range such as by showing you a heatmap of areas where the wifi signal strength cam reach. They can also help by letting you known the wifi channel and various analytics about your network.